The satisfaction of each individual under our care by providing services that are tailored to their conditions.

Albert Senior Day Center offers a creative, personalized program intended to enrich our clients’ lives through a variety of activities and services that will enable them to live safely and live a quality of life in their home while being an active member of the community.

seniors working out

Here are the services we offer at Albert Senior Day Center:

  • Provide a secure, clean, comfortable home-like environment
  • Provide stimulation of mind and body for optimum well-being
  • Provide clients with a wide range of activities that challenge their mental and physical abilities
  • Promote maximum level of independence by maintaining the present level of functioning
  • Promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • Provide necessary assistance with personal care
  • Provide preventive medical care and screening
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Provide interesting and educational activities
  • Offer interesting and entertaining schedules
  • Offer activities to encourage

Albert Senior Day Center facilitates these activities to maintain lifelong skills, learn new skills, adapt to challenges, and tap potential abilities. Seniors who participate in these activities can gain an improved capacity for independent function, develop interpersonal relationships and creative capabilities.

caregiver motivating seniors to work out

Our Program’s Core Services

Personal Care

  • Assistance and supervision with activities of daily living


  • Review/monitor health status and dietary needs
  • Review/oversee/administer medications, if necessary
  • Personal Care

Social Services

  • Assist with adaptation at Center
  • Arrange for community services
  • Individual/group counseling and support to families
  • Inform and refer clients, as necessary
  • Act as liaison between client, caregiver, and MCO
seniors working out

Therapeutic Activities

  • Calendar activities strive to help maintain lifelong skills, learn new skills, challenge and tap potential abilities, participate in activities of interest, improve capacity for independent function, develop interpersonal relationships and creative capabilities, improve physical and emotional well-being, experience cultural enrichment, have fun and enjoyment.


  • Well-balanced meals are served in accordance with Dietary Standards.

Emergency Care

  • Staff members are trained in the policies and procedures maintained for handling emergencies.

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